Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

It's completely normal to feel like you, an individual, do not have the power or means to help tackle something as complex as Detroit's literacy crisis.

This could not be further from the truth. We ALL have a part to play in Beyond Basics' efforts to tackle the literacy crisis in Detroit.

For many of you, putting together the funds needed to enroll just one student in our program could be your contribution. For just $500 (or $42 per month) you could Sponsor a Child this school year.


Sponsor a Child

You don't need to come up with the funds on your own though. We are encouraging all who are interested to bring together their coworkers, friends, book clubs, church groups, sports teams, and more to piece together the money required to forever change the life of a student in Detroit.

All participating individuals and groups will receive a "full circle memento" or thank you gift of their choosing. These items will include a photo of the child you sponsored, their intake and outtake data, and their total grade level movement! You will get to see exactly how much your contribution impacted a once-struggling reader.

Maybe you can't change the world - but you can change one person's world.

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