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May 31, 2023 - Literacy non-profit announces longitudinal study results validating the impact of its literacy work

Literacy non-profit announces longitudinal study results validating the impact of its literacy work

Study shows students are capable

  • On average, high school students who participated in the program improved two (2) reading grade levels.

  • Approximately 85% of participating students experienced positive improvements in their grade level reading.

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich., May 31, 2023 – Literacy nonprofit Beyond Basics has announced their longitudinal results of the 3,553 K-12 grade students who participated in their structured literacy tutoring program. Dietz Consulting tracked the success of their work from 2008-2022. The study shows that on average, high school students who participated in the Beyond Basics tutoring program experienced reading improvement of two (2) grade levels. Approximately 85% of participating students experienced positive improvements in their grade level reading.

The press conference will be streamed live on Wed., May 31 at 10:15 a.m. and available to view afterwards at

For this study, Dietz Consultants analyzed the scores of the Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests (WRMT -A pre-test and WRMT -B post-test) of the students who completed and graduated from the Beyond Basics program each year.

“This report confirms what we already know - that students are capable if given more,” said Pamela Good, co-founder and CEO of Beyond Basics. “Our trained tutors help our students to access their education and, most importantly, achieve their dreams.”

The results show that the solution to achieve literacy for everyone starts by administering an individualized diagnostic assessment. This program provides a certified teacher to conduct a pre- and post-test assessment for students, utilizing the Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests to measure a student’s proficiency in reading and evaluate a student’s success in the program. This testing system relies on measurements in five key reading areas: word identification, word attack, word comprehension, passage comprehension, and fluency. With this assessment, Beyond Basics can measure necessary literacy components that may be lacking for each child

Once a student is evaluated, they are placed with a qualified and trained tutor who provides sustained tutoring using a multisensory, structured literacy approach for the duration of their individualized tutoring plan. This longitudinal report demonstrates that intensive one-on-one highest dosage tutoring intervention, delivered during the school day by trained tutors in hourlong sessions five days per week, is a solution that produces results. Students achieve grade level movement in an average of six weeks.

“Literacy is a silent epidemic. There is not one state in the United States of America that can say that they have more than 49% proficiency in reading for their eighth graders,” said Good. This is according to the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress reading results.

Since the inception of implementing their structured literacy approach for K-12 students, Beyond Basics has proven that teaching reading is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor and that the individual needs of each child must be met to improve their literacy scores. Once literate, students can achieve their educational goals, and become adults who thrive.

“By teaching children to read with our proven program, Beyond Basics breaks the generational cycle of illiteracy,” said Good. “We have proven that there is a solution to eradicate illiteracy."

About Beyond Basics

Founded in 2002, Beyond Basics is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit working to eradicate illiteracy and transform the lives of students. We currently serve more than 40 schools and agencies across Michigan where our one-on-one, multisensory tutoring program helps students achieve grade-level movement in reading in an average of six weeks. In addition to our structured literacy interventions, Beyond Basics cultivates curiosity and encourages a love of lifelong learning with fine arts activities that expand horizons.


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