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Beyond Basics employs a unique, proven, and intensive curriculum that transforms low-literacy students into proficient readers. Our approach is:
1. Holistic: We address all aspects of literacy comprehensively.
2. Multi-sensory: We engage multiple senses to enhance learning.
3. One-on-One: Students receive personalized attention from tutors.
4. Five Days a Week: We maintain a consistent learning schedule.

• We start with the Woodcock Reading Mastery (WRMT III) test to assess students' needs.
• Using test results, we create a tailored "prescription" for each student.
• We develop a customized literacy program to ensure success based on the student's unique needs.
At Beyond Basics, our mission is to empower students to achieve reading proficiency through our specialized and individualized approach.

• Literacy is the path to equity, addressing a national low literacy problem.
• Investing in literacy intervention benefits communities and economies.
• For individuals, literacy brings personal opportunities, including education achievement, income, self-confidence, and joy.

• Beyond Basics partners with schools and community centers.
• Certified Tattum-trained tutors provide one-on-one, intensive, daily instruction.
• We use Orton-Gillingham, Tattum methods, and tailored lessons.
What Sets Our Tutors Apart:
• Our tutors are trained in our 3-pronged literacy intervention curriculum.
• They provide personalized, one-on-one instruction.
• We prioritize joy and pleasure in reading.

Numerous Studies showed significant reading progress:
1. Dietz Consulting studied 3,553 students.
2. Dr. D. Carl Freeman and Dr. Hilary Ratner, WSU Study; and
3. Wayne State University (WSU) Apex Study of 23 incoming Freshman (WSU)
Positive feedback from students, parents, teachers, and principals validates our results.

Funding comes from various sources, including public, private, business, and philanthropic organizations.

  • Arts and enrichment activities complement our literacy programs.
  • Combined with our instructional methods, they enhance student outcomes.

• Our program serves all ages, from kindergarten to older learners.
• Contact us at [email protected] or (248)-250-9304 for enrollment or more information.

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